Customer Services

Many of our clients tell us that their time can be spent much more productively when they don’t have to think about whether their customers are being looked after well or if orders are being processed properly.

When customer contact levels don’t warrant employing someone full time, our clients know that by employing us to handle their customer services function, their customers have access to ‘them’ throughout the working day. Incoming telephone calls, emails and post are dealt with promptly and charges relate directly to the work we do. Not so many calls lower costs and when things are busier we have the capacity to handle multiple calls at once.

General Enquiries and Advertising Response

As the first point of contact for incoming callers it’s vital that we project the right image for the company, product or brand that we’re representing. We might be working with you on an ongoing basis or perhaps just as an overflow facility to look after responses to specific advertising campaigns. Regardless of duration, we pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your team and matching our style to your own. We behave as if we are sat in your own office, dealing with callers in a friendly and human fashion, rather than sounding like a robot working to a script.

We spend time learning about your products and services so that we’re able to knowledgeably answer general enquiries or more technical questions and then action any requests such as sending out product literature. We’ll be in regular contact with you to know what’s going on at your end so we can keep customers informed of delivery dates/production schedules and manage their expectations.

We’ll keep useful call logs containing enquirers’ contact details and comments in preparation for any follow ups from your sales team and we’ll endeavour to keep each and every enquiry as ‘warm’ as possible.

Technical Support

Effective technical support is an important aspect of customer care and we offer front-line helpdesk services for a variety of support companies in the ICT sector. Whilst we’d never suggest we’re technical experts, we can certainly deal with some of the more basic issues keeping your technical staff free for more testing scenarios. We’ll escalate issues as necessary, keep call logs and make sure that matters are seen through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Order Taking / Processing

We’re very comfortable monitoring and processing internet orders via your online or paper-based systems, taking credit card details and completing transactions via your preferred payment service. Whilst dealing with sensitive data we’ll be mindful of working securely and with data protection protocols in mind. Rest assured there will be no-one’s credit cards details on a post it note being put out with the rubbish - all our paper waste is cross shredded and recycled.

The ‘We offer’ doesn’t end there - we offer so much more than just customer services. Lets meet up.

Enquiry management

The process of dealing with customer enquiries so as to attract a sufficient load of profitable work in a highly competitive market is the essential problems faced by many Small Medium Business. Therefore, the customer enquiry management is a very important activity for Small Medium Business. This challenge is met by Backeys . Your enquiries are safely handed over to you after dealing with the customer and also repeat customers are generated to increase your sales .

Payment Follow ups

Backeys are ready to handle your pending due list . Your customers are may be good paymasters but a reminder is crucial many a times. Give your pending list to Backeys with necessary supporting documents , we will approach your customers diligently.