Phone Calls

Receiving phone calls, especially from customers, is important and it’s certainly not ideal if their calls go to voicemail or an answer phone during working hours. Even diverting to a mobile isn’t a great option if you’re likely to be in the car or anywhere with background noise. We know that a proportion of enquirers are unlikely to call back if they don’t get though to a person first time and often customers’ perceptions of a business are greatly enhanced by that business being established enough to warrant a receptionist. Unless you have the space, equipment, work requirement and inclination to do so, there’s no need for you to have to employ a full time member of staff when Backeys can be your receptionist.

Depending on your provider, your calls can be diverted to us very simply by programming your phone line with a few key strokes [and undone just as simply] and you can opt to divert all calls or just those which go unanswered if you’re out, or already on another call. More than one line can divert to a Backey number, so if you have several team members with their own lines they can each decide when and how to divert depending on what’s convenient for them.

You’ll be given a Backey divert number, which is a dedicated number for your business. When calls are received on that number, your company name is displayed on our system and your Backey will answer the call according to your preferred style and greeting. We are able to take several calls at once on your number, so if she is already on the phone, another Backey will take your call – each of whom will be able to do so knowledgeably.

Messages will be taken and passed on to you via your preferred method [email, text message] and if you’d like, you can have the ultimate virtual reception service with calls being announced and patched through to you. Calls diverting to us out of hours, will be answered by our personalised voicemail system and messages relayed the following working morning in the usual way.

We pride ourselves on becoming part or your team rather than just being a message taking facility. Your Backey will behave as if she is sat in your own office, dealing with callers in a friendly and human fashion, rather than sounding like an automaton working to a script.

E –mail

Provide us with an email address @yourcompany and with the associated log in details we can receive emails and respond to them just like any other member of your team.

Imagine the change in outsiders’ perceptions of your business if they were greeted by your receptionist throughout the day, every working day; a person who could answer their queries intelligently and who manages their expectations properly as to when they’re likely to hear back from you.