We work with

Backeys has experience in a wide variety of industries, service sectors and company types..

Professionals and consultants


Tradespeople who spend their time out on jobs and need office back-up to manage the paperwork and present a more businesslike image.

Small Companies

Smaller companies with just a few employees whose time is better spent on fee earning work, rather than admin.

Larger Companies

Larger companies looking for external help with project work, or for particularly confidential tasks with which employees can’t be involved or for which an impartial third party might be required.

International Companies

International companies who wants India base.

Non-geographic Businesses

Non-geographic businesses in need of a ‘base’, whose work takes their owners around the globe.

Affordable skilled workforce

In challenging economic times, outsourcing to Backey is a great alternative for companies who don’t want the bureaucracy and regulation of employing their own full time staff, especially when their need might only be part time/sporadic or if the future need is uncertain.